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Viton, Viton rubber - flat seals, rubber seals - Technical seals - KKM Polska


KKM Polska is the company that has been operating on the market since 2010. Despite the fact, that we have not existed for a long time, we have the great experience in technology and trade. The object of our activity is the complex supply of industrial equipment with a range of branches of industrial valves, ventilation and air conditioning systems, sanitary fittings, heating technology and indoor and outdoor facilities. We represent well-known and recognized domestic and foreign producers, with whom we work together on the basis of the representative agreements. Since 2012, we are the only representative of the company Thermodyn in Poland, which produces the highest quality seals (Viton seals) for the energy, chemical, food, fuel and other industries. Thermodyn is a leading manufacturer of complete expansion joints and a member of the FSA Association - Fluid Sealing Association, which includes together the largest manufacturers of industrial sealants from various industries. We are also distributor of Viton products (plates, cords, seals).

Our key aim is to be a customer-friendly company in the field of complex investment service and technical advice. We treat each client individually, we try to know his needs, to follow his requirements and to gain confidence.
The strategy of operation is an important step in the road we have set for ourselves. To achieve that, we need to bring ourselves to specific rules, behaviours, and actions.

- Diversification - by understanding the needs of the customer

- Improving Competences - We constantly make sure that we can better serve and actively respond to the changing needs of our customers and suppliers.

- Development - Thanks to the increasing confidence of our customers, we can develop ourselves and thus give more from each other, which has a positive effect on our cooperation.


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